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The Kirsten Haglund Foundation Spreading Love thru Scholarship - Donate Today!

February is all about love...

Along with Valentine's Day, it is also Love Your Body month and capping it all off is National Eating Disorders Awareness week, Feb. 26 - Mar. 4. Essentially, now is go-time for spreading awareness and love for ourselves and others as they find freedom in recovery.

We've set a big goal for this month to show our applicants the love! You can help us raise $25K to send five women and men on our waitlist to treatment. You can be a part of giving them hope by donating to our scholarship fund and getting them into the safe haven of loving, compassionate care.

If you can't give financially, please share on your social pages and help spread the word, and be an example of love and acceptance yourself! We're all in this together, and any amount, any share, any light you shed makes a difference.

Help us spread the love!